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The TopCoder Open is the Ultimate Programming and Design Competition featuring six tracks of competitions, six events around the world, and the chance to be a Topcoder Champion!

Topcoder awards over $25,000 a day in challenge prize money.

The topcoder community gathers the world’s experts in design, development and data science to work on interesting and challenging problems for fun and reward. We want to help topcoder members improve their skills, demonstrate and gain reward for their expertise, and provide the industry with objective insight on new and emerging technologies.





Ready to compete with code in the cloud and win cash? Compete in public application development challenges to win cash, earn achievements, and fine tune your skills.

Data Science

Test your skills on algorithm problems involving machine learning, graph theory, optimizations, recursion, dynamic programming and much more by competiting in Single Round Matches (SRMs) and Marathon Matches.

Graphic Design

Compete in all types of design challenges to win prize money and establish your street cred. Improve your portfolio while working on real world projects for big-name clients.